What We Do

What We Do

A natural resources specialist investor, skilled in identifying and creating value 

Keys to AMCI’s Success

Consistent, repeatable investment strategy honed over decades

Operationally focused value investors in the global middle market mining sector

Our edge stems from

  • Our investment team’s experience
  • Our global network

A presence in key regions combines a global perspective with local knowledge

AMCI Marketing brings insight into the supply and demand of commodities

Partnership approach with leading management teams to create value

Track Record Through Cycles

Hans Mende and Fritz Kundrun founded AMCI in 1986

Since then AMCI has grown into a multi-billion dollar global enterprise

  • Over 40 investments since inception
  • Strong realization record

Contrarian, value bias has led to numerous investments with outsized returns

A partner of choice for some of the world’s most sophisticated private investors

Flexibility in structuring investments