Trading Solutions

AMCI’s global trading network with representatives in Europe, North America, South America and Australia enables the Group to be an active player in the sourcing and selling of a wide variety of products for steel, energy and other industrial applications. Our trading professionals are dedicated to offer tailor-made solutions to our suppliers and customers including financing and logistics concepts. Our product spectrum includes:

Thermal coal, coking coal and PCI

AMCI offers a broad range of thermal coals, coking coals and PCI which is mainly sourced from own production capabilities and long-term relationships in Australia, South America, the United States and South Africa.

Low-ash coals

Enerco is a leading producer of high quality, low ash coals for the silicon and silicon metal industries as well as for domestic heating.


AMCI has over 20 years of experience in the supply of coke which is based on long-term strategic relationships with trusted coke producers in Europe, South America and Asia.

Petroleum coke

ION Carbon & Minerals’ product spectrum also includes petroleum coke which is mainly supplied by reputable producers in the United States and South America.

Pig iron

Primetrade Inc. and Prime Carbon GmbH offer a full range of basic, nodular and foundry pig iron for the steel and foundry industries. Prime Carbon has specific strengths in the Asian market while Primetrade imports and distributes pig iron in the North American market through a network of warehouses.

Iron ore

We trade a range of iron ore products with different grades including fines, lumps, and pellets.

Manganese ore and ferro-alloys

AMCI-DCM Resources offers manganese ore and a wide variety of ferro-alloys including ferro-chrome, ferro manganese, ferro silicon, ferro titanium, silicon chrome and silicon manganese.

Carburizer and sulfur products

CS Additive is a leading producer of carburizers and sulfur products for steel works, iron foundries, the automotive and the chemical industries serving the European, Asian and African markets. The US-market for carburizers is covered by Prime Carbon LLC.


Through shipping experts in Switzerland and AMCI Shipping, AMCI has the capabilities to offer tailor-made logistical services to suppliers and customers through a dedicated team.